fusemb 0.1

fusemb is a software for easier Microsoft network connectivity.
fusemb is a small daemon which maps Microsoft network hierarchy into Unix filesystem subtree, using libsmbclient to obtain information about entries in the SMB network and FUSE (Filesystem In UserSpace) to allow seamless network browsing using standard Unix ways.

Here are some key features of "fusemb":

· fusemb uses C++ instead of Python
· fusemb supports browsing on three levels (Workgroup/Server/Share) only, and access to shares and below is done via smbmount'ing relevant //SERVER/SHARE into fuse-supported directory.


· fuse v2.2 with matching libfuse and libfuse-devel
· libsmbclient and libsmbclient-devel v3.0.x.


As usual with majority of configure-based source packages:

./configure && make && make install

No unusual keys, configure just checks for libfuse and libsmbclient, and nothing fancy.

What's New in This Release:

· No support for non-iso8859-1 share names. Basically, libsmbclient must recode resource identifiers automatically, according to your smb.conf settings ("dos charset", "unix charset", "display charset") (and it tries to), but... I'm uncertain if I must implement proper conversion in fusemb or leave it to libsmbclient team.
· Can't find how to distinguish unicode and non-unicode dirents .
· After successfull mount you'll need to reread directory to access share contents. Fixing this "behaviour" will require to multithread fusemb. Probably will be done in v0.2.

last updated on:
April 6th, 2005, 20:28 GMT
developed by:
Yaroslav Rastrigin
license type:
GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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