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ftplib is a set of routines that implement the FTP protocol.




ftplib is a set of routines that implement the FTP protocol. They allow applications to create and access remote files through function calls instead of needing to fork and exec an interactive ftp client program.

ftplib has been built, tested and is working on Linux (X86 and AXP), VMS (VAX and AXP), OSF/1 (now Digital Unix), and Windows NT (X86 and AXP).

What's New in This Release:

1) Added FtpPwd(), FtpSysType(), FtpCDUp(), FtpSize() and FtpModDate().
2) Fixed bug in FtpClose() - It wasn't waiting for the '226 Transfer
Complete' since it didn't have access to the control connection. A pointer to it is now kept in the data connection.
3) Fixed bug in FtpClose() - The data connection wasn't being freed. This could have resulted in memory leaks.
4) Allow runtime selection of connection mode (PORT/PASV) with default set at compile time.
5) Added support for a user callback routine which can get called after a user specified number of bytes are transferred or after waiting for data on a socket for a user specified time period.
6) Add FtpOptions() which allows changing connection options. Options include connection mode, callback routine, and parameters regarding when the user's callback routine gets called.
7) Added checks to make sure strcpy()/sprintf()/etc. wouldn't write past end of buffers.
8) Modified build procedure to create a shared library.
9) Added install option to makefile which installs under /usr/local.
10) Modified qftp to use new interface.
11) Modified qftp to log progress every 10% of file or every time data is delayd by 1 second if -v setting is not zero.
12) Modified qftp to use fgets() instead of gets().
Last updated on July 15th, 2006

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