flex-fw 0.1.7

A fast and small ash/dash front-end for Linux iptables
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flex-fw is a small and fast frontend for Linux iptables software with an easy command syntax like ipfw or pf from BSD systems.

Syntax example

# Access from me to anybody
allow output to any

# Access to my web server
allow input proto icmp
allow input from any in-if $ifWan to $ipWan proto tcp dport http

# Access to DMZ server
allow forward from any to $ipDmzServer in-if $ifWan out-if $ifDMZ proto icmp
allow forward from any to $ipDmzServer in-if $ifWan out-if $ifDMZ proto tcp dport http
allow forward from any to $ipDmzServer in-if $ifWan out-if $ifDMZ proto tcp dport https

# SNAT for LAN
allow forward in-if $ifLan from $netLan out-if $ifWan
snat to-addr $ipWan out-if $ifWan from $netLan

Main features:

  • service-oriented configuration. This makes it possible to start and stop access to each service separately and undependently without full stop the flex-fw.
  • network profile support. You can work with different network environments without any changes in the flex-fw setting. This is mostly used for notebooks. About the network profile see more /etc/net project.
  • macros support. Macros are user-defined variables that can hold an IP address, a port number, an interface name and etc.
  • easy migration to another network environment. All you need to do is redefine macros.
  • easy distribution to many hosts. With macros you can describe the services and distribute them to all owned hosts without any changes.
  • easy debug. Syslog logging support for iptables errors or droped packets.
  • interactive mode for manual configuring "on the fly".
  • batch mode for execution from shell scripts.
  • library mode for using of the flex-fw functions in your shell scripts directly. In my case it is the main mode.

last updated on:
November 10th, 2009, 11:10 GMT
license type:
GPL v3 
developed by:
Vitaly Druzhinin
ROOT \ System \ Networking
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What's New in This Release:
  • FIXED bad permissions for flex-fw files and directories.
  • ADDED help for "service" function
  • ADDED help for "start" function
  • ADDED help for "stop" function
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