diald-top 2.1pl7

diald-top maintains a 'top'-like listing of all packets and their time to live for use with diald.
diald-top maintains a 'top'-like listing of all packets and their time to live for use with diald. This project needs a new lead developer as the author no longer uses diald.

The concept behind diald-top is very simple. I got sick of trying to read a monitor pipe flying by on an extra VC, so I lusted after a more user friendly interface. As I like the interface in top, I decided to start with that kind of look. Fortunately, the designers of diald made my life rather easy by making the monitor pipe with an easy structure to implement.

I used ncurses for the interface to make my life simpler. This also has the additional effect of making this possible to run on any type of terminal. I have a VC4404 hooked up and this works great on it. As ncurses uses the terminfo database, it SHOULD work fine on any terminal with correct terminfo entries.

As of Version, I have added a limited command structure to diald-top. It is now possible to send diald commands to force/unforce, block/unblock and to bring the link up/down, and also to quit diald (immediately or when the link comes down) all from within diald-top. This makes the program a lot more useful.

The program also now reports the status of the link (UP, DOWN, CONNECT, START_LINK, STOP_LINK, DISCONNECT, CLOSE, etc). This can still use some work
but it is there now...

As of v2.0, diald-top now has the capability to run remotely, communicating to a custom server (also included in the package) that farms the contents of the monitor FIFO out to the remotely running clients. The communication is done using TCP/IP on port 1313 on the server. The identity of the user that is remotely running diald-top is verified using identd, and is then looked up in a configuration file (by userid, IP address, netmask).

last updated on:
July 1st, 2006, 16:05 GMT
license type:
GPL (GNU General Public License) 
developed by:
Gavin Hurlbut
ROOT \ System \ Networking
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