WhizzBee Proxy Server 2.0

WhizzBee Proxy Server is built on our EC-Cache technology.

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WhizzBee Proxy Server is built on our EC-Cache technology.It is build for a smoother and more enjoyable web experience to the clients and helps to reduce network traffic. Remote servers are contacted only when necessary and user requests will enjoy a much faster response when they are served by WhizzBee Proxy Server directly.

We rely on clustering in the design of WhizzBee. A cluster can be defined as a group of computers interconnected by a fast network. The aggregate power of a cluster can easily outperform that of a standalone server machine, and a cluster can scale up easily by adding more computers. The deliverable performance is virtually unlimited. Besides, clustering technology offers cost-effective high-availability solutions as single points of failure can easily be avoided by using redundant or duplicated components.

In order to realize the potentials of clusters, certain software components have to be developed in order to glue the physically distributed computers together to make them work cooperatively like a single machine, i.e., Single System Image (SSI). Furthermore, by implementing the necessary failure detection and recovery mechanisms, tasks running on a failed machine can be migrated to, or shared by, other running machines.

Apart from providing high scalability and availability, we further exploit the clustering technology to derive our patent-pending EC-Cache Technology. This technology pushes the performance of a server cluster to its optimum and hence reduces costs associated with deploying in a Web site.


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Last updated on June 27th, 2006

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