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WaveSelect it makes it a snap to discover local wlans, and connect to them.




Waveselect was first thought of as a replica of the Windows XP wlan-connection tool. The project makes it a snap to discover local wlans, and connect to them.

It depends on QT-3.x (3.3.3 was used to develop it), and wireless-tools (iwlist, iwconfig). It should work with every card that works with wireless-tool. Use of the great KNemo-tool: ( HTTP://kde-apps.org/content/show.php?content=12956 ) as a companion is recommended, for extra comfort.

Future releases of waveselect will support more features, as long as it can be implemented while still keeping a simple and easy GUI.

This tool must be run as root, unless your user have access to change driver-parameters with iwconfig, and start dhcpcd.

Here are some key features of "WaveSelect":

Profile-creation for often used AP's (home/work/school/etc)
Automatically roaming between AP's defined by a profile
Integration with kismet/gpsd/mysql, for showing ESSID's kismet have previously decloaked.
Support alternative dhcpd-clients other than dhcpcd
Support for non-dhpcd networks. Letting the user specify ip, gateway, dns, proxy, etc. manually.
Configure-dialog for specifying paths etc.
KDE integration (KDE-classes, KDE-systray)

What's New in This Release:

GUI improvements. Options are no longer available if no network is selected. Also beautify the "scan-results" if no networks are found.
Do an "ifconfig up" on the selected device before scanning.
(some?) cards using the madwifi-driver does not return scan-data unless this is done (reported by TMS)
Instead of killing all dhcpcd instances before associating, check if the /var/run/dhcpcd-.pid exists. If it does, get the pid of the cards current dhcpcd-process from this file, and kill only this process. If file does not exist, assume dhcpcd is not running for the card. (reported by TMS)
This time, it handles a notebook with several wlan-cards better.
In fact, it handles them at all.
Improved parsing once again to make it even more fault-tolerant.
Don't know about any way to segfault it now. But if you find one, be sure to mail me and let me know.
Manage encryption-settings better. It will now manage to set four different encryption keys. You select which one should be the transmitted key, by selecting the key you want to be active in the "key index" combo-box before pressing associate.
The "security-mode" option was actually connected to code this time, so it will now have effect.
Last updated on June 2nd, 2005

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