WANem 2.3

A WAN Emulator

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What's new in WANem 2.2:

  • Fixed the advanced mode which was not working in the previous release.
  • Fixed the bug with wanemreset which appears when there are multiple interfaces.
  • Fixed the problem with 'wanem' command not working over a remote session.
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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
2.8/5 28
Manoj Nambiar, Hemanta Kalita and Deba...
ROOT \ System \ Networking
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WANem is a WAN Emulator, meant to provide real experience of Internet, during development and test on a LAN environment. Typically application developers develop applications on a LAN while the intended purpose for the same could be the client is accessing the application by WAN or even the internet.

WANem allows for the application development team to setup a transparent application gateway which can be made use to simulate WAN characteristics like Network delay, Packet loss, Packet corruption, Disconnections, Packet re-ordering, Jitter, etc.

WANem allows for WAN network characteristic emulation and thus allowing for applications to be tested in a realistic WAN environment before they are moved into production.

WANem is a combined development strategy where it hooks into the Linux kernel for performing network emulations and provides GUI to make it simple to use. Remastering of Knoppix Live CD makes it even more effective as it becomes platform independent.

Last updated on March 14th, 2011

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