WANGuard Platform

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Addresses the many aspects of network monitoring




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WANGuard Platform project addresses the many aspects of network monitoring needed to ensure the secure and reliable delivery of essential network services.

Here are some key features of "Andrisoft WanGuard Network Security Platform":

- Inform you about data bottlenecks, security attacks and routing troubles in your network.
- Quickly see what is happening in your network through a intuitive visual display of network traffic and anomalies.
- View interesting traffic graphs and show various real-time network statistics (top hosts, protocols etc.).
- Locate various network attacks (denial-of-service attacks, infected by worm hosts etc.).
- Granular, domain-level DDoS detection for 100.000 domains even on the most common server hardware.
- Malicious traffic cleaning ( DDoS mitigation ) & policy enforcement though WanGuard Filter.
- Traffic accounting capabilities & hostorical audit trail analysis.
- State of the art reporting & response architecture.
- Fast, flexible and easy to deploy and manage.
- The lowest TCO in the market. Absolutely the best performance / cost tradeoff in the industry.
Last updated on November 27th, 2012
WANGuard Platform

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