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VETH is a daemon that creates a virtual ethernet card in Linux.




VETH is a daemon that creates a virtual ethernet card in Linux. This is done via the Universal TUN/ TAP Driver. It is useful to request more than one IP address via DHCP with a virtual ethernet card attached to an existing NIC.

Linux has an implementation that does the work, but partially. Sometimes, this emulation doesn't work as expected. Because of this, I wrote VETH, to be helpful in this situations.

For example, if you want to have more than one IP address obtained via DHCP probably you know that's impossible. With VETH you can attach a virtual ethernet into an existent NIC card, and the run dhclient in it to obtain a new IP.

Perhaps you are saying "hey, man, don't mess with me, I can do that with aliasing. With an ifconfig eth0:1 I have a new ethernet". OK, perhaps, perhaps...

It isn't 100% true. Look at this scenario:

You have a DSL modem working as a bridge. You have a firewall with exactly 2 NICs, no more. One of these NICs is crossover-connected to your modem, and another is in your internal subnet.
Last updated on July 1st, 2006

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