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The Uncomplicated Firewall that is used on many Ubuntu-based Linux distributions

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ufw is an open source command-line program that provides users with an easy to use and straightforward netfilter firewall for Linux-based operating systems.

Features at a glance

Key features include that ability to quickly enable or disable the firewall, set a default policy, set logging to a desired level, add allow rules, add deny rules, add reject rules, add limit rules, delete rules, insert rules, reset the firewall, view firewall’s status, as well as to view a report.

In addition, the program supports application profiles, which can be listed and updated. All these commands are usable only by root (system administrator) or by regular users with sudo permissions.

A command-line interface for iptables

It has been designed from the ground up as a CLI front-end for the state-of-the-art and complex iptables program, which offers a highly flexible and configurable interface for Linux kernel’s packet filtering system, called netfilter.

The application is used by default on several Ubuntu-based Linux operating systems, but it can be installed on any other distribution though its default software repositories, or by compiling the source archive offered on the dedicated download section (see above).

Under the hood

Under the hood, we can report that the program is written entirely in the Python programming language and comprises of a command-line interface (CLI) for manipulating the firewall and a framework for managing netfilter.

Just like Ubuntu tries to offer an easy to use and uncomplicated computing environment to novices, ufw aims to provide users with a straightforward firewall interface that can be used even by children of aged 7 to 12.

Introducing Gufw, an awesome graphical user interface for Ufw

To make things even more simpler, a graphical user interface (GUI) has been created for the ufw program, allowing modern computer users to enable or disable the firewall with a click of a button. It is called Gufw and can be downloaded for free on Softpedia.

As a fun fact, ufw is often confused with Ubuntu Firewall. However, its name stands for Uncomplicated Firewall.

Ufw was reviewed by Marius Nestor
Last updated on August 20th, 2015
Ufw - The help message of the ufw application, as viewed from the Linux Terminal

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