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TuxFrw is a complete firewall automation tool for GNU/Linux.




TuxFrw is a complete firewall automation tool for GNU/Linux.

Do you need to protect your organization's whole computer network as fast as you can? Do you want to simply increase security for your personal workstation? Your problem is solved! We are proud to present you TuxFrw - the firewall tool to make your life easier.

Even if a firewall does not always guarantee total security, it is certainly the first defence strategy you could think of. Concerned about it we have created TuxFrw - the ultimate Netfilter/IPTables-based firewall tool, taking full advantage of this great Linux packet filtering framework. Currently, TuxFrw consists of script files created to ease the way Linux IPTables firewall rules are configured. With TuxFrw an user can configure his own Linux-based network firewall, simply passing some IP address numbers and other network utilization policies. Start with a default basic firewall, then streamline it further using your skills allied with the power of TuxFrw modularity.
Last updated on February 15th, 2007

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