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TkVNC is a VNC viewer written in pure Tcl/Tk.




TkVNC is a VNC viewer written in pure Tcl/Tk. It does not yet support authentication, so it can only connect to an unsecured VNC server. All the original "classic" encodings are supported. It was written to be embedded inside another application, however the version here is a standalone program.

Current status (9 Jan 2003).
DES encryption (i.e. authentication) is not implemented. Therefore, you can't connect to something that was started with Unix vncserver, only Unix Xvnc -rfbport ... directly would work
Tested against TightVNC's Xvnc and OSXVnc's OSXvnc-server
raw encoding works
I haven't seen a server using copyrect, so I don't know if that works
hextile is still a little confused and very slow (often kills Xvnc?) There seems to be a CPU leak in the Tk image command.
RRE is implemented, but I think Xvnc doesn't give sensible results
CoRRE is implemented, also gets strange results from tightvnc's server
tight and zlib encodings are not implemented
no support for SetColourMapEntries
no support for ClientCutText (but ServerCutText is OK)
Big-endian-ness is hard coded. This is obviously a bit of a problem on x86 platforms!

To test it just do the following:
Xvnc :1 -geometry 800x600 -depth 8 &
twm -display :1 &
xterm -display :1 &
And on the client (which is any platform with Tk):
wish tkvnc.tcl ?server:1?
Last updated on June 24th, 2006

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