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Thor Panel is a server administration software solution.





Thor Panel is a server administration software solution. It's primary function is to ease the administration of the following key areas:

1. Management of Clients
2. Billing
3. Management of Internet Traffic, e.g. Bandwidth Limitation / Restriction
4. Security, e.g. Firewall Management
5. Messaging

Thor Control Panel brings together all of the above core functions (and more) into one centralized management console. Linux administration is not required when using Thor Control Panel, as all underlying complex linux operations are managed by the program, so you an concentrate on what's more important - your clients and your business.

With Thor Control Panel you can do the following:

1. Give or Deny Internet access to your clients.
2. Limit or restrict Internet traffic bandwidth.
3. Easily manage Internet security (i.e. firewall), without knowing complex iptables rules.
4. Curtail Internet traffic theft; popular spoofing methods, like MAC address changing do not bypass Thor Authentication system.
5. Easily message all your clients with news, notices, or alerts.
6. Manage billing for your clients; keep track of non-payments, late payments, penalties, etc; send payment reminders.


1. Thor Control Panel has built-in support for the following:
1. Email Server (currently Qmail)
2. FTP Server (currently ProFtpd)
3. Proxy Server (currently Squid)
4. DC++ Server (currently VerliHub)
2. Thor Panel is modular and can be extended to cover other server functions, such as a Web Server - an Apache module is planned.
3. The Management Console, which is written in PHP, is encoded for maximum security.
4. All the backend code is written in 'C' for maximum power and performance.
5. All sensitive areas are protected by TripleDES encryption.

Thor Panel is 90% written in GNU C for maximum speed and security.
All actions are handled by a web front end package, written in PHP, that communicates with the C written backend.

The Lite is a cut down version, with all external functions disabled, such as: Email, Ftp, Proxy and Verlihub. The Lite version is aimed at smaller networks, such as SOHOs (a small company), or even a home LAN. The Lite version simplifies network management and firewall rules.

Requirements: iptables 1.3.5

Limitations: Supports maxium 40 clients and expires in 30 days.

What's New in This Release:

· Bandwidth management was added.
Last updated on January 18th, 2007
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