The Linux UPnP Internet Gateway Device Project 0.92

The Linux UPnP Internet Gateway Device Project is an attempt to begin work on a UPnP Forum-compliant Internet Gateway Device.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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Glover George
ROOT \ System \ Networking
The Linux UPnP Internet Gateway Device Project is an attempt to begin work on a UPnP Forum-compliant Internet Gateway Device. It allows Windows Messenger or other this kind of programs to use voice/video through a Linux firewall running Iptables.

This program only creates DNAT (portmap) entries in you firewall on the external interface (public ip). Any other firewall code must be set to allow basically all tcp and udp through the FORWARD chain to your client machines, and the client machines must be able to contact the firewall using tcp and udp through the firewall's INPUT chain on it internal interface.

We will be adding some checks to see if FORWARD has a default policy of DROP or REJECT, however placing rules once we determine this is a bit tricky. There's at the moment no real way to check to see if a packet matchin this rule will pass through any additional rules that may be located above it. Also, we will probably need to check for any rules below as well. Hopefully we can get this implemented soon.

In the meantime, please be aware of this fact, and if you are seeing Advertisements sent in the /var/log/debug file (or whatever you have syslog set to log DEBUG level messages to), but you are not seeing AddPortMaps, the most likely this is the problem, or it could be the following problem.

UPnP works with the multicast addresses. Windows Messenger may also send request to a Unicast address, and thus the reason for the patch to the UPnP source code for this to work. Nevertheless, to add a route in your box for the multicast address, just use the following command, replaceing with the interface name of your inside interface name (i.e., eth0).

What's New in This Release:

Fixed issues with Direct Play games not deleting broadcast port mappings So most if not all Direct Play games will now work correctly.
Added Byte and Packet counter code contributed by giussani
Changed all the xml and skl files to include our UUID and some other updatet information that needed to be changed.
Added a CREDITS file to make sure I give thanks to the person who inspired me to write this program, along with everyone else who's contributing.
Fixed the startup message in messages to report the correct version now.
Once again, other small changes i can't remember

Last updated on July 4th, 2006

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