Terminal Mixer 0.4.1

Terminal Mixer allows sharing the stdin/out/err of a process through a Unix socket, TCP, or raw ethernet.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
3.5/5 17
Lluis Batlle i Rossell
ROOT \ System \ Networking
Terminal Mixer allows sharing the stdin/out/err of a process through a Unix socket, TCP, or raw ethernet (the latter only on Linux). Terminal Mixer allows sharing a pseudo-terminal as well, for terminal-aware applications.

The users can be allowed only to watch, or even to contribute. You can run your favourite 'vim' or 'bash' and access it remotely, even with multiple users using them.

Share a terminal remotely

Start vim cooperatively, using:

tm -N 2 -p 3000 -t -x -w vim

Two [-N 2] users will be able to telnet to the port 3000 [-p 3000], and get the same vim terminal [-t] interface as you. They will be able to use vim [-w], not only look at it. The size of their xterms [-x] will be set accordingly to the size of your terminal. A nice feature of xterm!

Attention! vim programs the vt100/xterm input/output codes at start. If the clients don't receive those codes, they won't be able to use the Cursor Keys effectively, for example. In that case, you may start a bash in tm, and when the clients are connected, start vim.

Have an assured way of accessing a host, even if it has no IP address

Start a remote bash putting this in your start scripts:

ifconfig eth0 up
tm -e eth0 -n -w bash &

Then you can connect to it using another computer (as root), typing the MAC address of the serving host:
tm -e eth0 -c 00:14:85:16:B2:32

And you will have a non-terminal bash answering your requests. Don't exit from it, because the tm server will end.

Remote control for mplayer

Start a mplayer allowing remote commands with:

tm -w mplayer -slave voice_recording.mp3

Then you can send orders as simple as these:

echo pause | tm

Make your xbindkeys to map to these commands, and you can have a good control of your music playing. In fact I mapped pause to F1, and go backwards 5 seconds to F2, and I use this for transcription of voice recordings.

What's New in This Release:

Many bugfixes in the ethernet raw communication.
Dirty terminal creation has been added: it doesn't depend anymore on being called from a terminal.

Last updated on April 29th, 2008

#process sharing #stdin sharing #Unix socket #stdin #stdout #process #terminal

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