SystemSearcher 1.0

SystemSearcher project is yet another Linux security scanner.
SystemSearcher project is yet another Linux security scanner.

SystemSearcher is a Linux security scanner written in Perl. It scans single hosts or subnets for anonymous FTP servers, TFTP servers, SMTP servers which allow relaying, SSH servers, Telnet servers, NFS servers with exported directories, mail servers, Web servers (HTTP/HTTPS), well- known trojan ports, and exploitable CGIs.

You can also scan a list of specific servers and specific ports. It uses non-blocking socket communication with a 3-second socket timeout.

It can also scan for proxy servers which are open to the world (on port 80,8080,1080, or 3128), and SMB servers or Windows boxes sharing directories.

Main features:

  • Scan a network segment
  • Scan for anonymous ftp
  • Scan for TFTP server
  • Scan for SMTP server which allows relaying
  • Scan for SSH server
  • Scan for Telnet server
  • Scan for Web server (HTTP and HTTPS)
  • Scan for proxy server open to the world (Ports 80.8080.1080,3128)
  • Scan for NFS server and exported directories
  • Scan for Mailservers belonging to your target
  • Scan for SMB server or windoze boxes and shared directories
  • Scan for exploitable CGIs using whisker (programmed by Rain Forest Puppy)
  • Scan for well known Trojan ports
  • Scan for one or more open ports

last updated on:
March 15th, 2007, 10:05 GMT
license type:
GPL (GNU General Public License) 
developed by:
ROOT \ System \ Networking
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