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Sniffit is a packet sniffer for TCP, UDP and ICMP packets.




Sniffit is a packet sniffer for TCP, UDP and ICMP packets. sniffit is able to give you very detailed technical info on these packets (SEQ, ACK, TTL, Window etc.) but also packet contents in different formats (hex or plain text).

Sniffit was actually the start of my 'TCP/IP' experimental phase. As the subject interested me, I was exploring the weaknesses in IPv4 further and further. The logical step was to do some work on Spoofing. This resulted in 2 text on spoofing (Non-Blind and Blind). A C toolkit for writing spoof programs: Spoofit, and a Demo program 'Eriu' that demonstrated a connection hijack.

My plans were to go a step further and spoof rooting info, to create my own routes (RIP protocol etc...), unfortunately at that time my thesis started and I never got the time to work on that project.

One of the last things I did on spoofing was some fun application that raced the DNS server with false responses... at HIP 97 this created alot of confusing among innocent surfers...

What's New in This Release:

Use of Autoconf
Upgrade of Libpcap to 0.3
Added Packet generation
Added UDP selectivity
Added "plugins"
Last updated on June 28th, 2006

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