Siptrack 1.0.0

Device & IP-management
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Siptrack is a software intended for automated device and ip-address/network management. It consists of three parts:


The siptrack package consists of a client library and a command line application used to communicate with a siptrackd server. The client library, siptracklib, is a python library that can be used to communicate with a siptrack server in an automated/scripted manner. Being easily scriptable is a primary goal of siptrack, it should be easy to generate dns-records, firewall rules etc. based on the data stored in siptrack. The siptrack binary (well, python script) includes console commands to search for devices/networks, automatically login to servers via ssh/rdp, etc. Both the siptrackweb package and the siptrack script use siptracklib for communication with siptrack servers.


The siptrackd package is python server/daemon that can be communicated with via an xml-rpc interface. It stores all data contained in the siptrack system.


The siptrackweb package is django web application used to interact with a siptrack server. It is a complete web interface and the primary graphical interface to the siptrack system.

Siptrack is very much a work in progress, so it's bound to have bugs lurking in the corners. It does however see daily use with one relativly large deployment (1000+ devices), so it's relativly well tested, and most of the obvious problems should have been dealt with by now.

Installation instructions:

Main features:

  • User management:
  • Both locally and via LDAP.
  • Device management:
  • Device management includes automated device creation, address assignment, device naming, password creation etc. A templating system is available to automate most aspects of the creation and management of devices.
  • IP-network management:
  • Currently only ipv4 networks are support, buy ipv6 support is planned.
  • Password management:
  • All device passwords stored on the siptrack server are encrypted. The encryption is controlled via master password keys, which are themselves encrypted, that users can be given access to. This means that even if the siptrack server is compromised the intruder will not have access to any device passwords without knowing the passwords to the master password keys or to the users that have access to them.

last updated on:
October 3rd, 2009, 9:47 GMT
license type:
BSD License 
developed by:
Simon Ekstrand
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