SQL DjB DNS 0.74

SQL DJB dns package contains auth DNS server and DNS cache.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
3.4/5 18
Radim Kolar
ROOT \ System \ Networking
SQL DJB dns package contains auth DNS server and DNS cache. SQL DjB DNS package is based on DJB software. Both servers uses PostgreSQL as their persistent storage backend. This makes editing of DNS records easier.

It supports fully dynamic A, MX, TXT, and PTR records, and run-time configurable static NS and SOA records. It also
supports schedule expiry and introduction of records.

Sqldnscache is a caching DNS nameserver using PostgreSQL as storage for cached data. It supports storing and retrieving NS, CNAME, A, AAAA, PTR, TXT and MX records. In volatile memory cache it can cache any type. Dnscache has been slightly modified to work better in dialups environments and do not cause timeouts when not online.

At the moment, only PostgreSQL is supported, but support for other SQL standard databases and different table schemas should be fairly easy to add. The RPM does not install in a ready-to-run form.


- daemontools
- djbdns
- PostgreSQL

Compilation instructions:

To build the package, you need to unpack and patch the djbdns-1.05 package inside the build directory of sqldjbdns by downloading the djbdns-1.05.tar.gz package from http://cr.yp.to/djbdns/install.html
and run:

gzip -dc djbdns-1.05.tar.gz | tar -xf -
patch < djbdns-1.05.patch -d djbdns-1.05

Then run "make" in the build directory of sqldjbdns.

There are some build switches
QUERY_LOG - log queries
QUERY_DEBUG - very verbose log of queries
SQL_LOG - log SQL statements
SQLCACHE - turns on SQL support. (Need to be defined if you want SQL backend)

Last updated on June 11th, 2009

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