SFSU Penaltybox 1.2.0

SFSU Penaltybox is a solution for high network traffic in residence halls.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
Ben Wilder
ROOT \ System \ Networking
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SFSU Penaltybox
The SFSU Penaltybox is a solution for high network traffic in residence halls. It implements a bandwidth quota, penalizing the users who cause most of the network congestion.

When users go over their bandwidth quota in a time period their traffic is limited using a Packeteer PacketShaper for a certain period of time before they are let out from the penalty box.

The users will be blocked immediatly when they exceed their limit, and they will be blocked from that point on for how ever long you set your time period. (eg we have a 10 gb/week limit, so if they go over on day 3, they will be limited to 64kbps until day 10, they will be blocked for an entire week after they have exceed their limit).


· libpcap
· Perl 5+
· PHP 4+

What's New in This Release:

· Fixed some autoconf problems
· There were some files in the cvs that shouldn't have been there
· Fixed a wierd bug where stdout was directed towards the summary file (probally because i closed the stdout descriptor for the daemon mode, removed all stdout request in daemon mode)
· Improved logging
· Messages are sent to syslog instead of stdout or stderr - - pb.conf
· Added additional verifications to make sure that the values that are set in there are actually "real"
· Ignore System Bugs
· Changed the way ignore system works
· If either the source or destionation is on the ignore list then the packet is discarded
· Verification that -enable-sockets has been compiled in
· Verification for PHP5
· 1 host allowed site to access admin/summary.php - Extended aptions for get_xml.php
· Removed some static entries for the webpage limit that should have changed with config.php
· Now shows "currently updating" instead of a negative number
· Page title & title bars are not set in config.php
· Fixed a bug which transfer amounts were statically set instead of changing with config.php
· lookup of any ip address
· View the users that are currently in the packetshaper's redirect list

Last updated on January 26th, 2007

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