Rover 2.02 / 3.0 Beta

Means of executing commands on remote machines via SSH, Telnet, or Rlogin.
Rover project provides a means of executing commands on remote machines via SSH, Telnet, or Rlogin.

Connections are made and then managed using the Expect for Perl module. Rover can process many hosts in parallel. It comes with two interface programs, rover and rovergtk.

The first is a commandline tool with a built-in shell and batching capabilities; the other uses a Gtk interface to configure and use Rover.


If you want to run rover you must have these perl modules:

- IO::Pty
- IO::Tty
- IO::Stty
- Expect

- You can simply install Bundle::Expect via CPAN to satisfy these requirements.

If you wish to use the rovergtk frontend you also need:

- XML::Parser (required by Gtk to build)
- XML::Writer (required by Gtk to build)
- Gtk


To install this module type the following:

perl Makefile.PL
make test (optional)
make install

These are several options you can supply to "perl Makefile.PL":

--no-gtk Do not install rovergtk, or check for Gtk
perl module.
--no-deps Do not check for dependencies, just install.
--install-deps Attempt to install dependencies via CPAN.

last updated on:
December 10th, 2008, 7:17 GMT
license type:
Artistic License 
developed by:
Rover Team
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What's New in version 3.0 Beta
  • This release provides a new OO method of calling Rover.
  • Two interfaces are provided: rover and rovergtk, a command line and a GTK 2 interface respectively.
  • Rover can execute complex commands compiled in rulesets, or quick one-time commands, all in parallel using threads on top of Perl.
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