Python VNC Viewer 4

Simple VNC viewer implemented in Python, using Twisted and PyGame

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MIT/X Consortium License 
Anatoly Techtonik
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1 Python VNC Viewer Screenshot:
Python VNC Viewer
Simple VNC viewer that is built with Twisted-Python and pygame. Originally written by Chris Liechti.

The viewer supports the following encodings: Hextile, RRE, CoRRE, RAW, CopyRect.

The display is done using pygame because of it's good graphics performance but any GUI system can be used as the code is modular and can easily adapted. Clipboard transfer is supported but not used in the sample application.


You can simply start and it will ask for a hostname and password if required. Hostnames are in the "host:display" form, where "display" is the VNC dispaly number.

These setting can also be passed over the command line. Note that it's a bad idea to pass the password on the command line as it can be snooped by other users with a simple process listing!

Try -h or --help to see the possible options.

Please keep in mind that VNC transmits keypresses in cleartext, so don't type in passwords on non-encrypted connection over insecure networks.

With "--depth" a display depth can be gived, use "8" for slower connections.

The "--fast" option uses only RAW and CopyRect encodings and is thus only suitable for fast connections. But delivers better performance in that case, than using the other encodings too.

What is it good for?

Nothing ;-) Use the original VNC viewer for better performance.

However it works very well and seems with a good speed. It could be embedded in other applications that are written in Python or it can be the base of various applications like supervision of remote desktops, automated tests of GUIs or be embedded in a too for remote support...

Last updated on December 16th, 2009


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