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Port forward is a application which gives you the ability to open tunnes between your local computer and a remote ssh server.




Port forward is a java application which gives you the ability to open tunnels between your local computer and a remote ssh server. With Port forward, tunnels can be created both local or remote.


1. Open a local tunnel to reach a remote mysql database

- Your application needs to connect to a remote database server (mysql for example), but the database server (remote.server.example) is not configured to expose mysql to internet directly.
- Port forward will open a local port (3306) and redirect the connections to remote.server.example ssh server
- The remote.server.example ssh server will connect to it's local mysql server

2. Open a local tunnel to use a remove VNC desktop

- You want to connect to your home computer which has a vnc server but from work, the firewall blocks vnc connections (generally on port 5901)
- If you have a ssh server at home, you could use it as bridge to connect to a client in your home:

Your position internet your linux ssh server ->>
-->> you client with vnc (

you office
internet >

3. Open a remote tunnel to pilot a remote linux server non reachable through internet
In this example, you will create a remote tunnel, this will give the remote man to connect to and reach you.

I used this example if I have to pilot a remote pc, but this pc has no static IP or is behind a firewall
The good solution is to activate port forward on the pc to be piloted and to connect it to a server we can access.

PC 1 (to be piloted) --||||-- firewall ----- internet ----- accessible-server


Be sure java is in your classpath

tar zxvf portforward.tar.gz
cd portForward
sh run_linux.sh
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