PlexIpLocator 1.0

PlexIpLocator is a Geo-Ip mapping application.
PlexIpLocator is a Geo-Ip mapping application.

Main features:

  • PlexIpLocator helps companies create customized web sites that meet specific needs of users. For example, an e-commerce site can use this to provide shipping information, location of the nearest store. In addition, a portal site may provide local news, weather or other information to the user.
  • The geographical information can help companies determine who are their customers and they can better market and promote their products to those users.
  • PlexIpLocator can help companies implement security policies. For example, a company may not display or sell some products or information if the user is coming from specific part of the world. There are different export laws for different parts of the world. This product can help companies to follow these laws. For example, US companies may not sell encryption technology that supports greater than 40 bits to foreign countries. Above are just a few of the applications of PlexIpLocator, the opportunities are limitless.
  • PlexIpLocator comes as a Java library and Java tag library and can be easily integrated with J2EE based environment.
  • PlexIpLocator will automatically update new geographical and other information to help track IP addresses.

last updated on:
December 20th, 2007, 20:56 GMT
license type:
Other/Proprietary License
developed by:
PlexObject Solutions, Inc.
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