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Parallel Network Scanner provides a fast network services scanner.




Parallel Network Scanner provides a fast network services scanner.

pnscan is a scanner for TCP network services. It uses multithreading to increase its speed.

pnscan tries to be smart as to how many threads to start - it will dynamically start only as many as is needed to make progress in the scan - up to a maximum either as specified with the "-n" command line option, or 8 minus the maximum number of available file descriptors (pnscan tries to increase
it to the max limit automatically) - or any internal limit on the system (Linux normally only allows 256 threads).

Host ranges can be specified both as a CIDR - network name or IP address / mask bit length and as a range. When using CIDR notation - the first and last address is ignored (normally used for broadcasts)

Some examples:


# Scan network for SSH daemons on port 22
pnscan 22
pnscan ssh

# Scan hosts ... 98 for IDENT servers, max 8 threads
pnscan -n8 -w"VERSION" 113

# Scan host for WWW servers on all ports
pnscan -w"HEAD / HTTP/1.0rnrn" -r"Server:" 1:65525
pnscan -w"HEAD / HTTP/1.0rnrn" -r"Server:" localhost 1:65525

# Send binary data and expect the binary sequence FF 00 FF on port 145.
pnscan -W"05 5A 37" -R"FF 00 FF" 145

# Scan for Roxen servers and print the whole Server-line
pnscan -l -w"HEAD / HTTP/1.0rnrn" -r"Roxen" localhost 1:65525

# Scan for pidentd servers and try to locate the version
pnscan -w"VERSION" 113

# Scan network arpanet/24 for daytime servers and sort them IP-numerically
pnscan arpanet/10 daytime | ipsort

# Read host (&port) lines from stdin and scan the selected hosts for SSH
echo ' ssh' | pnscan -v
echo '' | pnscan 22

What's New in This Release:

pnscan.sgml Added the other options implemented in pnscan.c.
pnscan.c: Modified the threads startup code to dynamically only start as many threads as is needed.
Last updated on March 13th, 2007
Parallel Network ScannerParallel Network Scanner

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