Nightwing 0.7.8

Fast Deployment Wireless Networks
Nightwing is an application that allows the creation of fast deployment wireless networks and without the need to make complicated configurations that allows the extention of the network. From the implementation of a Mesh technology called B.A.T.M.A.N, Nightwing allows the extention of Wireless Network with the simplicity of adding devices and that works with a minimal human intervention.

Main features:

  • 0-config: You only need to power-on the device and it will configure automatically. It will asume it's rol and conect to others devices that it founds. If it has Internet access to share it will be a gateway node, if not it will be a client node. If a node doesn't have it's own Internet connection but can contact to one or more neighbors that are gateway nodes, himself can provide Internet access. It will do it by wireless and ethernet connection.
  • Public Connection Interface: This kind of connection is not encrypted, it's intended for unknown users. This connection is managed by the captive portal WiFiDog since version 0.6, wich is in charge of the security and the administration of the Internet access. The users of the public network are isolated from them self and from the rest of the mesh, they can only access to the Internet. In version 0.5 was used NoDogSplash
  • Private Connection Interface: This kind of connection in encrypted (WPA2), so to be able to use it you must know the access key. It's intended for known users and it isn't managed by a captive portal.
  • OpenDNS: The DNS service is based in the free service that the company provides. This choice adds the possibility to delegate in this service other configuration aspects like content filtering of web pages, domain blocking, phising protection and much more.
  • Thinked for Security: The development of Nightwing takes account security from the very beginning of its development. The nightwing nodes provide security to the internal network and to the clients that connect to the nodes, so who decides to be a gateway node can trust that his internal network won't be compromised. So too, who decides to connect to the nodes through the LAN, can be sure that whoever connects wirelessly will not be able to access them. To avoid security problems when two or more clients connects wirelessly, some mechanisms have been anticipated that will prevent that they can see each other. This way, if it can't see it, it can't atack it.
  • Few Hardware Requirements: Nightwing, besides requiring an Atheros AP51 wireless chip, only needs a minimun of 4MB of Flash memory and 16MB of RAM memory. This is why the amount of devices that can be used is bigger.

last updated on:
September 22nd, 2011, 12:40 GMT
license type:
GPL v3 
developed by:
ROOT \ System \ Networking
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What's New in This Release:
  • This version allows you to make the Private AP optional, as well as the configuration for this new feature in nw_conf and the Web Admin Interface.
  • Marking in the Traffic Shaping script has changed.
  • Special characters are allowed in passwords in the Web Admin Interface.
  • The layout of the Web Admin interface has changed.
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