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Network Query Tool is a one-stop solution for obtaining information about a domain name or an IP address.

Instead of manually using a variety of shell commands, or visiting numerous websites to investigate a host, just load Network Query Tool in your browser and enter the hostname or IP. NQT does the rest, as is evidenced by this sample output.

Here are some key features of "Network Query Tool":

Reverse lookup - resolves an IP address to a hostname (if one exists) or vice versa
DNS query - aka Dig, requires a dig binary on your system
Whois (WWW) - gets domain registration information. Now supporting just about every known TLD, gTLD, and ccTLD.
Whois (IP) - gets IP owner information. Supports all IP blocks maintained by ARIN (US), RIPE (Europe), JPNIC (Japan), APNIC (China/Asia-Pacific), BRNIC (Brazil), LACNIC (Latin America), AFRINIC (Africa), and KRNIC (Korea).
Check port - Determine whether or not a port on the target host is open. Defaults to port 80.
Ping - performs a 5-packet ping to the target, requires a ping binary.
Traceroute - performs a traceroute to the target, requires a traceroute binary.


PHP 5.x (the latest stable release of PHP is always suggested). As of version 1.8, Network Query Tool relies upon object-oriented features introduced in PHP 5, and will no longer work under PHP 3 or 4.
Standard ping, traceroute, and dig binaries are suggested for full functionality. The first two typically exist even on Windows servers, so a Unix environment is not at all required.

What's New in This Release:

Various fixes were made from the initial rewrite.
A bug in a regex where domains with hyphens would not be recognized was fixed.
A bug where IP address lookups were not properly occurring was fixed.
A bug where .fr domains were associated with two distinct and incorrect whois servers was fixed.
Network Solutions' new AboutUs spam in whois results is detected and removed.
Other various bugs were fixed.
Last updated on March 9th, 2007

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Network Query Tool is a one-stop solution for obtaining information about a domain name or an IP address.


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