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NERD (Network Equipment & Resources Database) is a flexible database of miscelanous network resources.




NERD (Network Equipment & Resources Database) is a flexible database of miscelanous network resources. The main idea is to centralize most of management data in one place. This database can be a source for other management systems, but the original data is always stored in one place.

NERD was initialy created around 2001. It went through many stages. The scope was changed few times. Finaly, I decided to put all versions with all functionalities together and create single system covering all areas. The final goal for this application is to be a warehouse for devices, locations, contracts, autentication, IP management, MPLS, VLAN and maybe some more interesting modules.

NERD is not a management system. It is network-management-aiding-framework. You can not collect traps, view events, or manage trouble tickets. There are many systems around nowadays, providing such functionality. NERD is not intended to replace them. NERD is a centralized network data source.

The application currently helps to manage CISCO devices, however it was desiged to support other vendors, too.

Here are some key features of "NERD":

· It's FREE!!!
· Based on Model-View-Controller framework
· Written in PHP5 (OOP)
· Based on MySQL (other dabatases can be used)
· Modular and flexible structure
· PHPTAL used as a templating system
· Secure authentication using encrypted passwords with random salts
· Encrypted passwords stored in database
· Safe SQL queries
· Extendable modules
· Password recovery via email
· Locations management (cities, POPs)
· Device management (models, devices, roles)
· Network devices access management (with embeded TACACS+ daemon)
· Automatic, periodic CISCO config backup

What's New in This Release:

· minor change (design, error in text, etc)
· major change (new feature, bug in the code, etc)
· security fix
Last updated on August 11th, 2007

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