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MultiPing provides a multi-protocol, multi-host, graphical ping utility.




MultiPing provides a multi-protocol, multi-host, graphical ping utility.

MultiPing is a multi-protocol, multi-host, graphical ping utility, used to ensure a set of hosts are up and running and providing the expected services.

Currently, the supported protocols are ICMP Echo, HTTP, SMTP, and POP. This goes beyond simply using ICMP Echo to determine the status of a server to actually testing the protocols the server is expected to be providing.

MultiPing is provided as a runnable .jar file. You should be able to simply double-click the multiping.jar file to launch MultiPing. You can then right-click in the main window to access the context menu which will allow you to add, edit, and delete hosts from the list.

Each host can have one or more of the supported protocols enabled. For each enabled protocol zero or more arguments can be provided which are used to status the specified protocol.

A file will be created in the same directory as multiping.jar named multiping.dat. This stores the list of hosts, along with the protocols enabled for each host and the arguments to each enabled protocol.


Java 1.5.x

What's New in This Release:

added a bootstrap class which gets compiled to target Java 1.1. the result is that if you attempt to run MultiPing on a system which has an older version of Java, instead of just exiting with an exception, it’ll pop up a dialog telling the user that Java 1.5.0 or later is required.
Last updated on March 16th, 2007

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