Monocaffe Connections Manager

0.9.3 GPL v3    
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Ease the management of connections to several types of servers





Monocaffe Connections Manager provides a terminal application and a GNOME application.

Supported Connections:

 * SSH
 * VNC
 * RDP (Windows Remote Desktop)
 * FTP
 * Telnet
 * SSH Tunnels (Using SSH options) (example)


Monocaffe Connections Manager is designed to ease the management of connections to several types of servers. Using the dialog utility (found on most distributions) presents an easy and fast way of connecting to different servers using different clients.

With mcm you can easily add and delete connections, import a list of connections from a CSV file and export them to CSV and HTML.

When connecting to a server, mcm will display an ncurses menu from which you can choose a server alias, press ENTER and voilà, the client will be executed with the options you provide.


The GNOME version of Monocaffe Connections Manager works as a replacement of the default gnome-terminal enhancing it. You've got tabs, console customization and the ability to connect to all your servers with one click. Also, by checking different tabs and using the clustered entry at the bottom, everything you write there is written in all the consoles checked. This way you can work on several servers at once.

And of course, Monocaffe Connections Manager is Free Software released under the GPLv3.
Last updated on May 12th, 2010
Monocaffe Connections ManagerMonocaffe Connections ManagerMonocaffe Connections ManagerMonocaffe Connections Manager

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