Moab Cluster Suite 4.5

Moab Cluster Suite™ is a professional cluster workload management solution that integrates some useful activities for networking
Moab Cluster Suite™ is a professional cluster workload management solution that integrates the scheduling, managing, monitoring and reporting of cluster workloads. Moab Cluster Suite simplifies and unifies management across one or multiple hardware, operating system, storage, network, license and resource manager environments. It processes a greater workload in a short time to maximize cluster ROI.

Moab optimizes data staging and seamlessly integrates with existing security mechanisms or with grid security tool kits such as Globus. It decreases grid adoption barriers by giving sites the extensive control over ownership-based access, priority and service levels to make the grid politically acceptable, the fine-tuned control over their workload and resources to make the grid usable, and is priced in such a way that makes grids affordable. Moab can be applied to a broad set of environments and is able to unify management across multiple clusters of heterogeneous hardware, operating systems, and resource managers.

The Moab Grid Suite incorporates the following industry-leading applications from Cluster Resources:

Moab Workload Manager for Grids™ - policy-based workload management and scheduling engine

Moab Grid Manager® - grid and cluster level administration interface, monitoring and reporting tool

Moab Access Portal for Grids™ – Web-based end user job submission and management portal

Main features:

  • Move from cluster to optimized grid quickly with unified management across heterogeneous clusters using a single tool that manages both clusters and grid workload - no new tools to learn
  • Automated job and data migration with intelligent scheduling that matches jobs to run on optimal resources in the fastest time possible
  • Maintain local cluster autonomy and support grid-wide service level agreements with a flexible policy and event engine that adjusts workload processing at both grid and cluster levels
  • Use a grid-wide interface and reporting tools to view grid resources, status and usage in real-time charts, as well as trends over time for capacity planning, diagnostic and accounting purposes
  • Enable resource and organizational virtualization with capabilities that allow different groups to access and view grid resources regardless of physical or organizational boundaries

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Moab Cluster Suite
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