LinuXnet 0.1.3

LinuXnet is a Kommander script that can be used to administrate an Linux-based Internet Cafe.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
2.5/5 19
Dorin Vatavu
ROOT \ System \ Networking
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LinuXnet is a Kommander script that can be used to administrate an Linux-based Internet Cafe.

Here are some key features of "LinuXnet":

installation the client program (timer) by remote from admin-station
the client-program run independently and remember the time when crash or restart (reboot)
the client have on right-down corner of desktop the remaining time
the client is prompted when remaining time is less then 5 min. and 2 min. to announce the administrator if he need more time.
can be modify from English to Romanian by uncomment some lines in the Kommander script and in "banda.c" and recompile it with ""

Developer comments

I use it for two years and I try to improve their performances and capabilities.
This is my first and only one script which I've made ever!

Kommander was the only tool which suffer me to perform such a think.
I use to all the stations an debian based distribution (SIDUX) with KDM and KDE.

It is licensed under the GPL2 license.

How to use:

1. Usual work (initiation, add, and decrease time):
-select the station, time, operation and press "Proceed";
-select the station, reset time operation and press "Proceed" for set time to "0".
2. For install (deinstall) remote stations:
-go to tab "Settings", press "Administrator", set user name, host name, start IP address, number of remotes stations and press "Save settings";
-press "(Un)Install", input password for remote user and root, optionally use "Set automatic SSH", select between "To all" and "Individual", press "Install" or "Uninstall" and wait message "All Done!".


1. For admin-station: KDE, kommander, ssh, netpipes, expect
1.1. For recompile "banda":gcc, libxosd2, libxosd-dev
2. For client-stations: ssh, netpipes, tk8.4, libxosd2
2.1 The client-stations must be "on", only one user account, set to autologin in kdm, kde start with an new empty session and the ssh service started

What's New in This Release:

fix bug in keygen for fresh installed sistem on stations
fix bug in Form1 for initialization after SalvSetings
fix some bugs in and
add an new ScriptClientGenerator which generate and compile the client programs
add option "Reinstall" in install.kmdr

May be this is my last version. Who want to continue I will help.

Last updated on July 18th, 2008

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