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A management infrastructure for NDAS devices





KaNDAS is a management infrastructure for NDAS devices. It consists of the KaNDASd daemon which detects any changes on your device situation and allows clients to connect and disconnect devices, and some interfaces to use this daemon. Note that KaNDAS is only intended for usage with network drives with NDAS technology. These are for example sold by Trekstor and are all powered by the ndas kernel driver by Ximeta.

Besides the KaNDAS client for KDE 4, there are also the KaNDASconsole tools. KaNDAS, KaNDASconsole, and KaNDASd are available for download from the project page; there are also packages available from my repository at the openSUSE build service:

# openSUSE 10.3: http://download.opensuse.org/repositories/home:/lordofdestiny/openSUSE_10.3

# openSUSE Factory: http://download.opensuse.org/repositories/home:/lordofdestiny/openSUSE_Factory

KaNDAS is in a very early state, I'm planning to add more features, most notably the ability to start and stop the ndas driver, and an interface to add and remove devices. Another goal of the project is to add more interfaces, for instance a GTK interface or a tray icon or a Plasmoid. If you're interested: The daemon's interface is documented at the project wiki and all (i.e. both) necessary development files are included in the KaNDASd source package.
Last updated on August 24th, 2009

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