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A small, fast, and highly configurable RFC 3912 compliant whois server





JWhoisServer project is a small, fast, and highly configurable RFC 3912 compliant whois server written in Java and using RDBMS as a storage engine.


- ant
- log4j
- mysql-jdbc
- whois


- Maybe you will have to point the build-script to the locations of log4j and mysql-jdbc
- Type 'ant help-classpath' to see how to do this 'ant help' may give you other hints.
- You may edit build.properties or use command-line arguments to adjust the properties required for the build and install


cd build
ant jar
ant -Dpackage.installdir.etc=/etc/jwhoisserver -Dpackage.installdir.init=/etc/init.d jar-install

(if you use some properties via commandline for building,
you should use the same one for the install target
... may be better: edit build.properties!)

after you install the server, edit the default cfg file (/etc/jwhoisserver/server.cfg)

The directory 'sql' contains several SQL - files:

data.sql - basic data inserts
db.sql - create database
struct.sql - db struct
test.sql - test data
user.sql - db user instructions

To configure the databes:

create db
create user
create struct
read in basic data
insert test data or insert your own data

mysql -u root -p < db.sql
mysql -u root -p < user.sql
mysql -u root -p jwhoisserver < struct.sql
mysql -u root -p jwhoisserver < data.sql
mysql -u root -p jwhoisserver < test.sql

Start server:


point your favorite whois-client to the host running jwhoisserver and query for 'test.tld':

whois -h localhost test.tld

if the server starts OK, you may use the init.d-script to start him sillently as daemon.
Last updated on May 6th, 2012

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