Haguichi 1.0.26

A free and open source GUI front-end for the Hamachi service under GNU/Linux platforms

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What's new in Haguichi 1.0.26:

  • Added a searchbar to filter networks and clients in the treeview.
  • Added accelerators for the actions Join Network (Ctrl+J), Create Network (Ctrl+N) and Show Offline Members (Ctrl+M).
  • Activating the treeview row will not trigger the default command anymore if the selected member is not online.
  • Swapped out dependency on ndesk-dbus(-glib) for dbus-sharp(-glib).
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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
Stephen Brandt
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Haguichi is an open source application that provides users with a graphical front-end for the Hamachi (now known as LogMeIn) zero-configuration virtual private network (VPN) software under any GNU/Linux operating system.

A quick overview of its features

Key features include a straightforward, modern and easy-to-use graphical user interface, completely customizable commands, system tray integration, pop-up notifications, rich tooltips, as well as collapsible and sortable network list.

The program is translated into more than 15 languages, supports a wide range of open source desktop environments and Linux-based operating systems, and allows users to easily backup and restore their Hamachi configurations.

It sports a familiar graphical user interface that allows users to connect with a single mouse click. It features supports for both IPv4 and IPv6 protocols, automatic connection during startup, automatic reconnection when the connection is lost, custom commands, and much more,

Under the hood and availability

Under the hood, we can report that the application is written in the Mono programming language and requires the mono-dmcs, mono-gmcs, libmono-cil-dev, libglib2.0-cil-dev, libgtk2.0-cil-dev, libgconf2.0-cil-dev, libndesk-dbus-glib1.0-cil-dev, libndesk-dbus1.0-cil-dev, and libnotify-cil-dev libraries.

It is also very important to mention that you will need to download and install the Hamachi client before installing this software on your Linux box. Be aware that Hamachi is now know as LogMeIn.

Officially supported Linux distributions include Ubuntu, Arch Linux, openSUSE, Linux Mint, elementary OS, Fedora, and Debian GNU/Linux, for which the developers offer binary installers. A source archive is also available for download, allowing experienced users to configure, compile and install the application under any Linux-based operating system.

Bottom line

In conclusion, Haguichi is a very good graphical user interface for the Hamachi service. It supports a multitude of distributions and desktop environments, and it’s probably the only one that can offer a modern Hamachi client on GNU/Linux.

Haguichi was reviewed by , last updated on January 18th, 2015


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