HTTPCapture 0.4

HttpCapture is a core wrapper around the packet-capture library pcap.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
Steve Kemp
ROOT \ System \ Networking
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HttpCapture is a core wrapper around the packet-capture library pcap and a framework for building plugins to filter, analyse, or display interesting network packets. The core of the application is minimal, and a collection of plugin libraries are used to actually process the packets.

The application couldn't exist without the existance of the USI++ library which I've hijacked and included here (only because it appears to have disappeared from the internet).

Sincere thanks to the author of that library.

This application is designed to be extensible to the extent than any network traffic may be sniffed, decoded, and displayed.

This should be possible as the main driver includes no special logic, instead it delegates the processing of the collected packets to a collection of plugins.

Each plugin implements a different capturing method; so the application can be updated and improved upon by as many people as possible with a minimum of effort.

Included thus far are plugins for capturing, decoding, and displaying the following protocols:

HTTP Realm Authentification
Jabber Logins
FTP Logins
POP3 Logins
CVS (pserver) Logins.

What's New in This Release:

· Implemented Jabber sniffer.
· Added POP3 sniffer.
· Added CVS login sniffer (pserver).
· Added FTP sniffer.
· Added man page
· Cleaned up class file documentation.
· Pass endpoint addresses to plugins.

Last updated on July 5th, 2006

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