GtkOL-LDAP 1.1.2

GtkOL-LDAP is a client GtkOL based on GUI.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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GtkOL-LDAP is a client GtkOL based on GUI. It is designed to help you administer OpenLDAP directories. The application core is developped in a modular way to enable easy template handling such as posix accounts or samba entries specificities managing.

The main GtkOL-LDAP introduced concept is the the end user’s ability to setup integrity and coherency rules on managed entries. As an example among many others, changing a gid number of a posix group will result, if setup by the end user, to an update of all of the posix accounts belonging to the modified group too garantee the accounts will still belong to the modified group, avoiding a manual update of each of the impacted entries…

This project is based on the libgenerics abstract services and libgtkol object model.

Here are some key features of "GtkOL LDAP":

¬· DN hierarchy tree view browsing
¬· Schema tree view browsing and naviguation
¬· DN search filter
¬· DN drag & drop
¬· DN values edition
¬· DN attributes and objectClasses updating (add, modify, delete)
¬· DN operational attributes
¬· DN templates based on creation
¬· organizationalUnit
¬· posix account
¬· posix group
¬· samba 3 account
¬· samba 3 group mapping
¬· DN recursive deletion
¬· LDIF import / export
¬· Password attributes automatic hashing (md5, LM, NTLM, crypt)
¬· DN integrity rules setup (id auto incrementation, attributes synchronization‚Ķ)
¬· posix account
¬· uid auto incrementation
¬· posix group auto synchronization
¬· posix group
¬· gid auto incrementation
¬· posix accounts auto synchronization
¬· security deletion lock while not empty
¬· samba 3 account
¬· posix account rules inheritence
¬· SID integrity
¬· samba 3 group mapping
¬· posix group rules inheritence
¬· SID integrity


¬· GTK+ version 2.8.x
¬· libgenerics abstraction
¬· libgtkol object model

Last updated on September 2nd, 2007

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