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GBindAdmin is an easy to use GTK+ frontend for ISC BIND.




GBindAdmin is an easy to use GTK+ frontend for ISC BIND. It handles multiple domains and can switch from master to slave domain in three clicks.

It can change the domain name for entire domains and subdomains, including domain resources such as MX, A, AAAA, CNAME, and NS.

GBindAdmin project can also set up and generate secret keys for rndc and construct a chroot environment.

GBindAdmin cant be installed without giving the correct configure options.

Named will be running in a chroot environment and the default location is /var/named GBindAdmin will set up this environment for you if it is missing.

See the Autoinstall file for the various configure options.

This software also requires the following binaries:

BIND [named, rndc, rndc-confgen] mv, cp, mknod, chmod, chown and sed.

GBINDADMIN currently supports the following systems to a varying degree:

· Linux
· FreeBSD
· OpenBSD
· NetBSD
· Darwin Mac OSX
· Solaris
· SunOS

What's New in This Release:

· Added RNDC_CONF path configure option.
· Fixed a problem where the defined group NOBODY wouldnt be added in some cases (thanks to Jason Banks). User and group delimiters for chown are now colons. Pressing enter in the verification entry now runs the specified command.
· Fixed cases where rndc.conf could be missing (thanks to Jason Banks). All translatable strings are now utf8 aware and the entire application can be translated. Simoriah/simmy/other ops on dalnet/#linux are trolltech, useless trolls. Added Swedish translation (Magnus-swe)
Last updated on July 16th, 2006

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