Easy various links manager 0.10

Easy various links manager or Everest Linux Links Manager (evlinks) is a network manager and config toolkit.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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Easy various links manager
Easy various links manager or Everest Linux Links Manager (evlinks) is a network manager and config toolkit that aims to replace network services and networkmanager.

Tthe design of evlinks:

1. use mac address as config file names to avoid interface name change.

2. multi profile support, for example, you can have a setting for Office and another setting for home.

3. never display info such as "eth0/wlan0/ath0" to users. what is the meaning of this strange words for normal user?

4. coupled loosely, if any component of evlinks crash or can not work, others works very well.

5. policy support: for example, whether start wired at booting time,whether start wireless at booting time,offline or online, if wired line unpluged, shall we switch to wireless?

The components of evlinks:

1. evlinkslo/evlinksboot:

run at system booting.
enable loopback and other interfaces according to config file.

2. evlinksiw, wireless config tool

3. evlinkswireless, a wrapper for evlinksiw to handle multiple wireless adapters. if you only have one wireless adapter, it will start evlinksiw directly.

4. evlinksw, wired config tool, support multiple profiles.

5. evlinkswired, same as evlinkswireless, a wrapper for evlinksw to handle multiple wired adapter.

6. evlinksmonitor, a hal client to monitor the adapter changes. since it use hal, then we can catch the signal when new adapter plugged and removed.

7. evlinkstraffic, network traffic monitor. used in evlinksmonitor and evlinkspppoe.

8. evlinkspppoe, PPPoE clients, used to connect ADSL(no PPPoA support)

9. evlinksdispatcher and evlinksrun. dirty code to help normal user run it easily.that is to say, normal user use evlinksrun to call evlinks utils, they all run as super user. it is not a good design, also had security problem, need change later.


Qt 4.x

What's New in This Release:

clean more dirty code, seperate common functions to libevlinks.

Last updated on July 9th, 2007

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