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2006-02-15 GPL (GNU General Public License)    
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Easy DialUp is a ultra simple web based dialup/modem client for Linux.




Easy DialUp is a ultra simple web based dialup/modem client for Linux.

Easy DialUp is the linux dialup client for someone who doesn’t want to know what a linux dialup client is.

The primary goal in the development of Easy DialUp was to make the easist dialup client available for Linux so that my wife could login to the Internet without using commandline or going spastic.

It started with the question 'whats the best option for a dialup client for a person who doesnt want to know anything about a dial up client?'

Here are some key features of "Easy DialUp":

Designed for users with no knowledge of Linux/ppp/dialup/etc.
End user needs no knowledge of any system or ISP usernames, passwords, etc.., All they have to do is hit 'Internet On' and it works.
Setup once and everyone will be able to connect to the Internet easily
Simple to use
PPP dialer independence (still a work in progress, check the Road page for updates)


The inital plan for the usage of Easy DialUp was that it would be set up on a PC by you(assuming you know what your doing with pon/wvidal) so that somone else (your wife, child, grand parent,etc..) who doesnt want to know about pon,wvdial, isps, phone number, passwords, etc.. can log onto the Internet using Linux very simply. As Easy DialUp has matures its has an additional usage as a kick-ass dial-up client for all linux users (even if you do know what your doing).

What's New in This Release:

Once the 'Connecting' pages detects a connection to the Internet, the timestamp is no longer printed to the screen.
Last updated on February 18th, 2006

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