DirIndexFaker 1.1

DirIndexFaker is a PHP script designed to produce fake Apache directory listings.
GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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DirIndexFaker script is writen in PHP and it's designed to produce fake Apache directory listings for the purpose of slowing down and overloading with false positives the Web spiders used by the RIAA, MPAA, etc.

People like the riaa, mpaa, and others are on a copyright enforcing rampage, destroying innocent victims along the way. They are using automated tools (web spiders) to find people hosting 'illegal' content to sue. Sometimes the spiders catch innocent people in their web of evil.

Since our politicians think the RIAA'a well-being is more important than ours, we must find a way to make the RIAA/MPAA's spiders too expensive to operate. Therefore our goals should be to:

Slow the spider down, or get it stuck in a loop
Provide soo many false positives, that sorting the actual infringers from the innocent is too expensive to allow the copywrong police to continue

These things are what a 'honeypot', or 'tarpit' is designed to do. There are several available RIAA/MPAA spider trapping scripts currently available, but they all have unacceptable limitations (either requirements are too high, or they take an unacceptable toll on your server).

What was needed was a script which could generate fake apache index pages, but with links to large files with copyrighted sounding names. The server operator should not have to have root, nor should it waste excessive disk space for the server operator, IE - the files should be generated by the script, and not actually stored on the servers disk. This is what DirIndexFaker does!

The best existing script I could find which came close to meeting these criteria was the DMCA Bot Killer , but it had several problems:

It requires the files to be generated beforehand with a perl script, the code is in the source, but commented out and a little wonky.
It does not look like an apache index page, it looks suspicious, the **AA's spiders could be easily modified to detect this.
It requires a list of filenames to use when generating our 'warez' index. This list is loaded from a server at every invocation. This is innefficient, and error-prone.

So DirIndexFaker is a 'fixed' version of the DMCA Bot Killer.


Simply extract the contents of the .zip file to a subfolder under your PHP enabled webservers document root, then place a link to that subfolder somewhere on your site where bots can see it, and people cannot. One way to hide the link from humans is with CSS.

Note: You may be tempted to keep the search engines away with your robots.txt file, but is is well known that the RIAA is using the search engines to find 'infringing' content, so this is not a good idea.

What's New in This Release:

This release adds the ability to slow down RIAA/MPAA bots with a usleep call.
This is enabled by default, but can be disabled by commenting out a line at the top of index.php.
The bottom row has been fixed to make server info match the actual server version running on your host.
The random seed has been changed so that filenames/sizes will only change once a day.
This makes it harder to detect as a 'fake'.

Last updated on December 16th, 2005

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