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Diet-Router provides a singe floppy DSL router.




Diet-Router provides a singe floppy DSL router.

Diet-Router is a Linux router that is small enough to fit on a single floppy disk. It focuses more on security than on functionality.

Diet-Router is a Linux router built with the dietlibc. It is small enough to fit on a single floppy disk. You may think that there are several other Linux routers, which come with more features and you are right. I build this router package more with the view on security than of functionality. So this project differs a lot from most other router or mini-Linux projects.

Here are some key features of "Diet Router":

I use a 2.4.x kernel to have the great features of net-filter.
I patch some net-filter extensions to have even more filter functions.
I harden the kernel with the grsecurity kernel patch.
Kernel modules are disabled.
By default root login is disabled - even on the console.

How does it work:

First of all, all programs are linked statically. This is the main idea of this system. No libraries are needed. It uses busybox and tinylogin, two typical multi-call-binaries for small systems. The iptables, iptables-restore and iptables-save commands have been made a multi-call binary by me. The pppd and pppoe programs have only been patched to compile with the dietlibc. The minit and od_syslog are really small programs, from people with much more knowledge of programming than me. So, special thanks to Felix von Leitner, Olaf Drefs and all the dietlibc/libowfat programmers.

What's New in This Release:

Updated dietlibc, libowfat, dropbear, ppp, kernel and grsecurity to recent
Added new packages dhcp server (udhcpd) and vi (e3).
The build system has been completely rewritten and documented.
It supports multiple downloads, a simple interface for package building/setup and target file descriptions including file owner and permissions.
Some simple checks for build requirements are implementet.
The setup is now able to configure mutiple network interfaces and also mproxy, udhcpd and dnscache can be configured for eachnetwork interface.
All packages have at least two internet sources.
Support for disc based target systems has been added.
Last updated on March 2nd, 2007

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