DECnet 2.53

DECnet is a project to provide DECnet phase IV connectivity for Linux.

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What's new in DECnet 2.49:

  • Increase kernel socket buffer size in libdap so it matches the block size we are using.
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LGPL (GNU Lesser General Public License) 
2.8/5 18
Patrick Caulfield
ROOT \ System \ Networking
DECnet is a project to provide DECnet phase IV connectivity for Linux.

What you get is DECnet phase IV end-node and routing capabilities on your Linux box.

As it stands you can "set host" to an OpenVMS system, copy files to and from OpenVMS systems, run remote tasks and test the connections. You can also mount VMS directories as Linux Filesystems. VMS users can start terminal sessions on Linux or access to Linux files or foreign mounted filesystems as NCPFS, NFS, SMBFS via the FAL daemon.

You can use X-Windows from OpenVMS to Linux if you build your X-Server with DECnet support or download one. This makes Linux into an excellent (and cheap!) X-terminal for VMS as well as Unix. It is also possible to display Linux X programs on a VMS workstation using DECnet.

LAT is available as a client and server. This is completely independant of DECnet and does not require a DECnet-enabled kernel. I mention it here partly because I maintain both packages and partly because LAT and DECnet are generally of interest to the same group of people.

Last updated on August 19th, 2010

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