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Cobex is a small implementation of the OBEX communication protocol for slow serial cables.





Cobex is a small implementation of the OBEX communication protocol for slow serial cables. It's primary use is to communicate with cell phones such as the Sony Ericsson T610, T310, and T300.

Currently the project consists of a couple of headerfiles and some sourcefiles, which results in a small executable that can be used to send files to a SonyEricsson T3x0, and probably other SonyEricsson models. Fetching files is NOT implemented. In fact, it's not even implemented (or at least not working) in the phone...

It's not a full-scale, foolproof, ironclad implementation of Obex. Check out OpenObex instead. They even have a v1.0!

Install the required libraries . If they are not installed in the usual places, you will have
to modify the Makefile. Come on, a configure script with all it's fluff would be several
times larger than this entire project.

When ezV24 and expat are in place, do a simple "make" and the project should build.

Should you need to change the baudrate, you have to edit the files and recompile. It is
set to 115200 in cobex_serial.h baud by default.

Cobex does handle port locking using lockfiles. Unfortunately, f.ex. Fedora Core 3 does not, at least not very well. So, therefore port locking is turned of by default. You can enable it by editing the Makefile, and removing the hashmark infront of the LOCKSERIAL definition.

You can use it with following commands:


Full GNU toolchain, ie. GCC etc.
ezv24 from
expat from

What's New in This Release:

This release handles cases where characters are not convertible to the destination locale while listing files.
cobex_put also handles national characters properly.
There was a bug where recursepath/setpath did not fail on a Not Found, and files ended up in the last setPath that was OK, or in the Inbox.
This has been fixed.
Last updated on October 31st, 2006

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