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Carnegie Mellon NetReg/NetMon is a network management system.




The Network Development group maintains two web-accessible database systems: the Network Registration system (NetReg) and the Network Monitoring (NetMon) system. These systems were designed from the ground up at Carnegie Mellon.


NetReg provides administrators a central platform for administration of network information. NetReg keeps a database of subnet information, DNS zones, DHCP options, machine registrations, and more. It has a finely grained access control mechanism to provide administrators maximum flexibility in delegating access.


NetMon, the "sister" of NetReg, collects and processes information from the network. It captures CAM table and ARP table information from network devices, as well as store DHCP lease information (updated every minute by the DHCP servers). The goal of NetMon is to provide a real-time as well as historical view of the network. Using NetMon we are able to detect misregistered and unregistered machines.

Basic System Components

NetReg and NetMon are both written in Perl. They use the DBI modules for interfacing with MySQL databases (but they could be ported to other DBMSs fairly easily given the DBI usage.) We use the Apache web server and run mod_perl on the NetReg server. We generate DNS zonefiles and configurations for the ISC Bind 8/9 servers, and the ISC DHCP server.

What's New in This Release:

A User realm popup was added for searching and adding users.
Numeric zone names are allowed for RBL zones.
Subnet map improvements were made.
The interface of the zone to subnet mapping was improved.
A generic query interface for changelogs was added, but is currently only available for machines.
Several edge cases where zone serials on static zones weren't being updated were fixed.
Several bugs with DNS resource parenting were fixed.
A race condition in was fixed.
A bug with moving dynamic registrations to a new subnet was fixed.
Last updated on April 4th, 2006

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