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The Big Sister network monitor is a real time system and network health monitoring application.




Big Sister network monitor is a real time system and network health monitoring application.


Perl modules:

·GD (required if you attempt to use graphical displays)
·Simon Leinen's SNMP (required if you attempt to monitor SNMP devices)
·LWP::UserAgent (enables realhttp test and will allow you to install plugins directly from the Big Sister download site)
·URI (goes together with LWP::UserAgent)
·Net::SMTP (if you want Big Sister to send alarms via SMTP rather than via the "mail" command)

Other software packages:

·RRDTool (required if you attempt to use performance data collection)
·SpeedyCGI (speeds up Big Sister CGIs)

Note that when you are installing RRDTool and SpeedyCGI you have to make sure they install their binaries in a directory which is included in Big Sister's PATH (/usr/bin is a good choice IMHO).

Here are some key features of "Big Sister":

· monitor networked systems
· provide a simple real-time view of the current network status
· notify you when your systems are becoming critical
· generate a history of status changes
· log and display a variety of system performance data

What's New in This Release:

· added 'users' test to the default uxmon-net files
· removed "warnings" pragmas for backwards compatibility
· added distinct users perf logging to who_numusers, added graphtemplates for numusers
· include documentation if available
· page(): short text uses vars{hour}, vars{min}
· page(): format time ("d:d") as proposed in Bug #818955
· set alias hostname for all local host names
· handle fqdns as aliases (Bug #814981)
· switch timecall off by default
· hostname(): do not strip FQDN if requested
· added some debugging code
· added nut module
· added SlowRequester
· and of course we must close SAVEERR - otherwise background() will not work
· proginit(): suppress error output when doing setlogsock() - we do our best to catch errors so we don't want them to be printed
· added extraheaders/extraheadersvalue support
· Syslog: use one of stream, unix, inet (setlogsock())
· test and set avoid_gettimeofday_syscall accordingly
· made etc_resources be managed by configure script: renamed to, added to AC_OUTPUT rule
· use Time::HiRes if available ... don't use syscall if resources say 'no'
· added solSwap monitor
· skip empty lines
· fixed single_value "domain" setting: it's consistently "static", now
· fixed single_value "domain" setting: it's consistently "static", now
· added install-agent target so that we are in sync with the docu
· use -r option with useradd in order to create a system user
· we intentionally called (main::)abort()
· added Herb Rubin's sample uxmon-net config file and altered the default files accordingly
· $Usage is in BigSister::common namespace
Last updated on January 23rd, 2006
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