Alt+Connect 2.5.7/9

Alt+Connect project is a program to manage dialup connections.

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Peter Miller
ROOT \ System \ Networking
Alt+Connect project is a program to manage dialup connections.

Alt+Connect manages dialup connections, allowing a group of networked machines to share a single Internet connection through their server. Custom client software lets users to start or stop their internet connection, and the server (connectd) ensures that the connection remains up only while someone's using it.

Features include support for multiple ISPs and links (modems or ISDN channels), connection control lists, ability to record the time a user spends online and charge him for it, and the ability to enable and disable IP forwarding as a machine starts or stops using the Internet.

What's New in 2.5.0/8 Stable Release:

· A fix has been added which stops connectd from trusting all machines. Without this fix, it's possible to login to connectd as any user.
· Connection control lists, bill logging, quotas, etc. are all circumvented, but the wider machine shouldn't be compromised.
· This exploit needs an identd server which doesn't ship as standard with Windows, so you are most at risk if your network has Linux machines under the control of other users; it also needs tcpd support compiled in, so to be vulnerable "[TCPD]" must be in the string returned by "connect ver".

What's New in 2.5.7/9 Development Release:

· FIXED espp/espp.a removed by clean scripts
· FIXED two typos revealed by gcc 3.2.2
· CHANGED Linktype field added to provider
· FIXED Actually uses private link scripts when 'Link' is in provider.
· FIXED compilation bug under QT

Last updated on February 27th, 2007

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