AggreGate Network Manager 5.01.00

This is a commercial project that provides an enterprise-grade network management platform

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Tibbo Technology Inc.
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AggreGate Network Manager
AggreGate Network Manager is a commercial application designed as an enterprise-grade network monitoring and management platform, compatible with all Linux/UNIX systems. It also integrates with other smart building management systems, such as HVAC, physical access control, lighting, and time/attendance control.

AggreGate Network Manager provides unique abilities for monitoring networks, servers, applications, services, systems, traffic, as well as performance.

Among some of its features, we can mention patent-pending device data caching/synchronization/normalization, dynamic mapping and comprehensive network discovery, advanced reporting and alerting, built-in network performance analysis and fault management tools, event filtering, real-time charting, SQL-based query language, grouped operations, GUI widgets, config replication, task scheduler, custom device properties, MIB database, SNMP Traps handling, Syslog server, Windows Event Log consolidation, and more.

AggreGate is a multi-user environment with role-based access control permissions. It supports all versions of SNMP, including secure SNMP v3, thus allowing management of heterogeneous multivendor networks. AggreGate Network Manager monitors the network in agent-less mode, so there is no additional software or hardware to install on the monitored hosts.

Last updated on September 17th, 2013


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