Aftershock 1.01

Aftershock project is a Gopher server.
Aftershock project is a Gopher server.

Aftershock is an Open Source, freely-available Gopher server. It is written to the standard set forth in RFC 1436, and as such, should be fully interoperable with all existing Gopher clients, including Netscape, Mosaic, UMN Gopher, and Mozilla.

Aftershock was written in Java, and requires a Java 1.4 (or better) runtime.

Portions of the code, as well as the design, are based on the author's Soma web server.


Unarchiving the Aftershock distribution is all the installation that needs to occur. Unix users should read the section in the manual about running Aftershock on that system.

Read the manual (docs/manual.txt) for how to configure Aftershock. Or just open up the aftershock.conf file - it is fairly simple.


Under Unix, run the supplied "aftershock" script.

Under everything else, use the command "java -jar aftershock"

What's New in This Release:

Fixed typo bug when Aftershock logs a server shutdown
Multiline requests (for example, when a user uses an HTTP request rather than a Gopher one) now have all CRLF pairs converted to [nl] in the log file [Both bugs reported by Randolf C. Richardson]
Fixed a bug where a log file would not be available for writing immediatly after the LoggingThread was started

last updated on:
April 23rd, 2007, 20:05 GMT
license type:
MIT/X Consortium License 
developed by:
Rob Linwood
ROOT \ System \ Networking
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