pydzen 0.1

pydzen is a wrapper script around dzen to easily create nice looking status bars.
pydzen is a wrapper script around dzen to easily create nice looking status bars.


dzen (recommended)


Copy the file '' to a suitable directory like '/usr/local/bin/'
or '~/bin/'.

Next create a '.pydzen/' directory in your home and copy the file 'pydzenrc'
and the 'plugin/' directory into it.

Finally customize your 'pydzenrc' and the plugins like mentioned in the next

the shipped plugins need a relative new version of dzen. you can get it from At the moment, pydzen is tested with revision 215 from the subversion


The 'pydzenrc' file contains all settings how your statusbar will look like.
Most of these settings are self-explanatory.

You can define new settings to use them in plugins by simply defining them

Some of the plugins also need some tweaking, e.g. special paths or so.
This is done in the plugin files, 'cause I'm to lazy. So look for 'user config'

New Plugins

A new plugin is simply a python file, which at least must define an update()
function. This function must return correct dzen2 in-text formating strings, or None if nothing should be displayed.

Plugins can import 'utils' and 'config' from the pydzen package to use the
current configuration and nice helper functions.

Take a look at the existing plugins to see this in use.

Bug Reports

Send your bug reports and feature requests to .


If you do not have the repository yet download it via:

> hg clone

If you already have the repository please make sure you are using
the current version:

> hg pull
> hg update


> hg fetch

Now apply your changes (with the editor of you choice). Then commit your
changes local via running:

> hg commit -m "short description regarding your changes"

Finally send the patch via mercurials patchbomb extension,

> hg email -o -t

or export your changes manualy (replace tip with -r?:? if needed):

> hg export tip | mail -s "short description"

last updated on:
February 20th, 2008, 20:28 GMT
license type:
GPL (GNU General Public License) 
developed by:
Rico Schiekel
ROOT \ System \ Monitoring
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